Thursday, April 21, 2011


Alright my sweets, I am out like shout this weekend and hitting lovely Las Vegas! (Admit it, you’re totally jealous – it’s okay, I would be too)
Winking smile

So Beans, hmm what should I call her.. I don’t know her well enough to give her a nickname.. let’s call her shmelshmissa, and I are venturing to Viva Las Vegas this fine Easter weekend. Never heard of it? Click the link silly! Should be fun – I know, I know.. you’re going to miss me SOOO much, but don’t worry! I’m going to release my inner Fat Kid all over that town and will be ready to report back on all the goodies I stuffed my face with as soon as I’m home.

If you’re really jones-ing for a post from Dee-lightful Dee, feel free to try and locate me at any of the marked places below. (Or you can leave me a comment, that'll definitely get me to log in)


Open-mouthed smile  There’s gonna be some serious swallowing all over that town!

- Dee

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