Monday, April 4, 2011

Claim you’re a doctor and you’ll end up needing one. :(

Forgive me for not writing sooner. I’ve had one hell of a weekend..

I had intended to write a snazzy post on how you can all call me Dr. Dee now as I successfully managed to wrap my own sprained finger all by myself! Observe:

Sprained Finger 040211

Popsicle stick & medical tape is all you need to be a Dr.

Sprained Finger 2 040211

I know from personal experience that paying a $20 co-pay to have the Dr. tell you that you have a sprained finger and the only thing they can do is the “Buddy System” isn’t worth it. So why not do it yourself right? Gotta tell ya though... I highly recommend having a second set of hands help you with this, but like I said.. I’m a pro so I did it all by myself! Aren’t ya proud mama?!

While taking these pics (because of course I was going to post them up and show you all) I realized that I looked very much like a jackass. Sorry to all who have hurt a finger in the past, but really this “Buddy System” nonsense makes us all look special in one way or another. So I thought why not add some flare?! No need to look completely lame, make it worse with some lace!Yeah! And this is what came of that:

Lace Finger 040211

Lace Finger 2 040211

I’m a fashionista now! Designer Dee! I like it. Now, Yellow is not a “quiet” color by any means, but it was all I had and it’s better than tape and a popsicle stick. See.. I’m resourceful too!

The funny thing about this injury was when I woke up and couldn’t move my finger (no idea how it happened, I swear!) my first thought wasn’t, “how am I going to do my normal job on Monday?” Nay.. It was, “Shit! My Blog!” Priorities, pfft. Who needs ‘em.

So..... That was Saturday, then 5:30am on Sunday came and guess who woke up with a crazy case of Food Poisoning??? You guessed it! This chick. Now, I’m not gonna tell you not to eat at the Chick-fil-A in Tustin, but.. all I can say is, I won’t be returning. I swallowed it, and my body gave me no choice in spitting it back out. TMI – I know, my bad. So featured below was Sunday’s meal, yes one. That’s all, unless you count a teeny bit of Pho broth before bed.

Meal of champions.. and a dog who refused to get out of the shot because there was food within 7 miles of her presence. /Fatty

Food Poisoning Meal 040311

That would be knock off Grape Flavored Pediatric Electrolyte drink with a rice cake topped with PB&J while reading The Stand. Hell yeah, that didn’t come back up and was delicious to swallow down.

Finger’s feeling better, stretched it out a little and it works again. Tummy’s better too, damn fast food.. never again I tell ya!

...Still dehydrated and feeling hung over from the incident.

More swallowing to come. -Shit that sounds bad.. even to me.

- Dee

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