Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Dee-Licious “BELT” with a side of Don’t Thai This!

This fine Tuesday morning I ventured into the office café, today was a breakfast sandwich day. I ordered a Chef JJ specialty.. what I’m told is called the “BELT.” Now.. I’ve decided to boycott the name, but that’s neither here nor there. (I think it’s a BLEACT) Check this out.

BLEACT 032911

Now really... Tell me that isn’t a thing of pure beauty. It is hands down Dee-Licious! (Like what I did there? That’s right..) This BLEACT -as it shall henceforth be known- consists of Bacon, Lettuce, Egg, Avocado, Cheese, and Tomato. Every flavor came through individually yet blended together soooo nicely. I added the sliced bananas, because who doesn’t like swallowing some banana in the morning? ...get your mind out of the gutter.

/Swallow It!!! Over and over again!
Winking smile

I saw this mid-day in our shipping department and just got way too excited not to share it. Embrace your inner fat kids people!!



Dinner -
My Chef and I decided to eat at the local Thai restaurant, Tasty Thai. He ordered his favorite, the Green Curry with Tofu and Brown Rice and I decided to try something new, the Crying Tiger (isn’t that a snazzy name). We’ve been eating at this restaurant since we moved to this area 6 years ago and it’s always been tasty. Ha! Did it again!

This time however, not so much. Observe, the Crying Tiger – Grilled beef on a bed of lettuce, cilantro, and “house sauce” with a side of rice.

Crying Tiger 1
Crying Tiger 2

Looks good, right? Don’t be fooled, here’s what happens after you get through the top few pieces of beef.. I’ll admit, this is a smart tactic, hide the shitty part of the meal under the good part.

Dry Ass Tiger

Yes my darlings, that is dry ass over-cooked meat. Not okay, but wait! There’s more!!!

Fat Ass Crying Tiger 1

That would be pure fat. You know... “Trim the fat” isn’t just a saying!!! I’ve also chosen to rename this meal the Fat Ass Drying Tiger.

To add to it, the waitress said “please” after every single line. LITERALLY. “Would you like a drink, please?” “How is everything, please?” “Here is your drink, please.” “Thank you for coming, please.” ...Are you effing kidding me?! It was awkward at first, then funny, then annoying, then I was completely done with it. Honestly, what. the. hell.

/Spit it Out, Please.


PS - I went to the Apple Store this evening, and spammed the macbooks and iPads with my blog page. LOL! Spread the word! I'm taking over the world one swallow at a time.


Monday, March 28, 2011

5 Guilty Pleasures.. and definitely some swallowing!

So on Sunday after 15 episodes of Season 1 of How I Met Your Mother (yes, I’m new to the show.. and this is guilty pleasure number 1), and 3 loads of laundry my sisters invited me to have lunch at the Lazy Dog Café and I accepted.

Now.. Lazy Dog is pretty cool, the atmosphere is reason enough to go, but to add to that the service is always great and the food has yet to disappoint.

Lazy Dog Grilled Cheese - Cajun Fries 032711

    Lazy Dog Wedge Salad w Ranch 032711

I had the Grilled Cheese (guilty pleasure number 2) with Cajun Fries and a side Wedge Salad with Ranch. To wash it down, Red Sangria… a pitcher of it (guilty pleasure number 3). Easy on the judgments, I shared this pitcher with my two sisters, we’ll call them H1 and H2 – no need to name names yet, you and I just met. Winking smile

   Lazy Dog Red Sangria 032711

The Grilled Cheese was worth the swallow! Perfectly melted cheddar, gouda, and jack cheeses on perfectly toasted parmesan sourdough.. Nom Nom Nom – my inner fat kid jumped at this option.

I’ve only had the red sangria once before here and it was so good I’d probably go back just for it and nothing else; so this time, we ordered a pitcher. I effing love this stuff! (PS – I have a foul mouth, sorry if I offend)

I’m not saying this place is phenomenal, but for a “family friendly” restaurant (which I make a point to avoid) it’s not too shabby.. and I ALWAYS swallow!

/Swallow it


Sooooooo.. Later on.. My husband and I (let’s call him Chef.. he is anyway, it’s appropriate) had dinner plans with another couple at a place from his childhood called Zubies Dry Dock. Holy cow.. I was the only one who had never been there out of the 4 of us, but wow. They said this place was kind of a dive, and it was. Not in a bad/gross/dirty way though, it was actually kind of cool, you could just tell it had quite a few years under it’s old ass belt. The kind of place you happen to come across when shopping at a Goodwill in a crappy little shopping center.

They had options from Prime Rib to Filet Mignon to Pizza to Seafood! (so it had to be good..... right?!)

Zubies Bread and Beer 032711

Zubies King Crab Legs 032711

With every meal ordered here you get amazingly soft bread rolls.. (guilty pleasure number 4) They’re delicious. ‘Nuff said.

My meal? The King Crab Legs of course! (you guessed it! Guilty pleasure number 5!) This included 1lb. of King Crab Legs with “vegetables” (code for corn), a giant baked potato, and a trip to the salad bar (which I opted out of except to top my potato). Needless to say, the portions are huge.. this was enough food for two, and of course I didn’t finish it all – which for me, is surprising.

I did swallow this, but to be honest, it was just mediocre. I’d probably only go back for the bread rolls.. which isn’t going to happen.

Sorry Zubies Sad smile Our good company made the trip worth it, but I’ve had much better seafood.

/Your call... I’d probably lean towards Spit it Out.


Smile - Dee