Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thai this on for size

I decided to finally take Pagnus’ suggestion and venture out of the “Please” rut I was stuck in, and what do ya know... Jackpot!

Spice Thai (no, not the chain Thai Spice – don’t be lame) is located in Lake Forest and although I’ve passed it a gazillion times on my way to other, less interesting places, I’ve never given it the chance it so definitely deserved.

We walked in the doors and the restaurant was practically empty, only one table occupied. I immediately had doubts. If a place is good, shouldn’t it be packed? Maybe even a waiting line?? Nay, not at this place.. maybe just a hidden gem that has yet to be discovered? Well, I’m here to blow that shit out of the water. 

We were properly greeted and shown our table; alas, no inappropriate “please” – I was immediately excited.

   Thai Iced Tea 2 - Spice Thai
Thai Iced Tea – I had to, so yummy.

So here comes the food. I wanted to get a really good feel for the style and quality of food here, so we may have ordered more than expected – I didn’t think so, but clearly the staff did as immediately upon taking our order, we’re offered a larger table “for all the food.” LOL! >Enter fat kid shame here<

Appetizer: Chicken Larb – I effing love this stuff.
Chicken Larb 3 - Spice Thai
Typically a ground meat (they give you a choice of which) with sliced red onions, cilantro, mint, chopped chili (for spice), toasted ground rice (adds an amazing crunch), and a lime juice/fish sauce mixture.

Something different – carrots, and less sauce than I’m used to. Still yummy. For you savory/citrus addicts out there, this makes swallowing worth it. Winking smile

Next, our entrees: I had the crying tiger as a desperate attempt to give this dish another chance because I had completely given up on it, and since Pagnus suggested this dish specifically, I had an obligation to my readers to try it one more time. Chef had the Green Curry with Tofu (the usual), and we decided to share the mixed Pad Thai.. Too much? Nah...

Crying Tiger – Spice Thai Style
Crying Tiger 2 - Spice Thai
Pasting that pic in here literally just made my tum tums growl. Yeah – it was that good. Look at the meat.. it’s cooked PERFECTLY. It is served with a chili lime sauce and a sweet-ish house sauce. Ignore the house sauce, solely devote your taste buds to the meat and the chili lime sauce – I want this in my mouth right now. Teehee!

Green Curry with Tofu:
   Tofu Green Curry 2 - Spice Thai
Initial thought? Ew – that shit looks nasty and to hell if that’s going in my mouth. I’m one of those that tends to eat with my eyes, so this.. was NOT about to happen. I let Chef test it out, I know, I’m the bestest. How unselfish of me to have someone else try something I immediately swore off. I care I tell ya! Being that he really is a Chef I do, on occasion take his word for it when he says something’s good. Even this one scared him, BUT he tried it anyway, then had me try it, and now.. you should try it. It’s tasty. It really is. One complaint, more watery than I would prefer, but there are those out there that prefer this over the thicker version that I’m more partial to. To each his own, except here, on this blog, it’s my way so HA!

Alright, last, but not least the Pad Thai (and PS – the staff was right, this was too much damn food, I left with a box of leftovers):
Pad Thai 2 - Spice Thai
Homerun, but honestly in my experience, the Pad Thai has never ceased to satisfy.

/Swallow It, make eye contact, and do it with a smile on your face, they like that.
Open-mouthed smile

On a side note, the service was great, not even one inappropriate “please!” Discomfort only came once the only other party in the restaurant departed and we were left there alone to be slightly overly coddled and looked after. However, this I can appreciate.

What I do disagree with, and it’s not just at this place – TV’s in a non-sports bar & grill type of place. If I’m going to a restaurant, I’m going to eat, enjoy my food, and have a nice conversation with my company, not listen to or watch a game and subsequently ignore the person I’m with. This is the only thing that has to go. It’s a nice place, they should value it as such and to those who want to watch a game? There’s a sports bar a few doors down so please be on your way.

PS - Pagnus, whoever you are.. I heart you for this suggestion! You restored my faith in Thai food and I thank you for that.

xo – Dee