Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Dish So Nice They Named it Twice

Shabu-Shabu. That’s right, twice.

I was introduced to Shabu-Shabu back in 2003. How I ever lived without this is a mystery to me. – Did that rhyme?! Shabu-Shabu literally means “swish-swish” for the way you cook your meats/veggies by swishing it around in boiling water.

Shabu-Shabu is served with your choice of meats, and a dish of veggies which consists of Napa cabbage leaves, tofu squares, carrots, spinach, seaweed, green onions, and Udon noodles for your soup at the end (more on this later). It also includes two dipping sauces, a Ponzu (citrus soy sauce) and a Goma (sesame sauce) – you can season up your sauces with some minced ginger, minced garlic, and sliced green onions, don’t forget the hot drops! Just one in each sauce should do the trick. Top it all off with a bowl of rice.

What place do you go to for some pretty damn good Shabu-Shabu you ask? Well, California Shabu-Shabu in Costa Mesa of course! Great service, even better food.

Check it out:

Regular Choice Beef 2

I had the Regular (8 pieces) Choice Beef with brown rice and about 4 glasses of the most delicious Iced Green Tea I’ve ever had. Look at the beautiful Beef and super fresh veggies!

Regular Choice Beef 3

Vegetable Plate

*Nom Nom* Right?!

So once you’ve gone through your meats (or veggies for you non meat eaters – no judgment!) and rice and sadness sets in at the thought that the meal is over... Think again! They surprise you with a bowl of soup base! You simply spoon in some of your boiling water, which has been seasoned with all the yummies you’ve been swishing in it, add the noodles, and whatever other veggies you might like and voila! Udon soup. It’s pretty awesome.


That was mine and I already want more.
This place is goooooooooooood. Go there, experience it, love it, love me for telling you about it, and then go on living your newly improved by California Shabu-Shabu life.
Winking smile

/Swallow It!

..and swallow some of that Iced Green Tea too, hell yeah mutha trucka!

I know, I’m a dork. You love it.

- Dee

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