Friday, April 15, 2011

Dee Deems Deemer’s Dee-sappointing

Ha! I crack me up.


Soooooo, I had lunch with an old friend last weekend at a place called Deemer’s American Grill. I’ve been here before and it was damn tasty so why wouldn’t I want to go back?!


My first time there I had the BLT and it was super yummy so this time called for something new, the Californian burger. This burger has Monterey Cheese, Avocado Relish, Tomato, Baby Spinach, and Herb Aioli. Sounds good, right? Check out the shot:


California Burger - Deemers 040911


Doesn’t look too bad. But let’s go back and really take a look at each ingredient.


Monterey Cheese, mild flavor but not bad to snack on. Avocado Relish, sounds different in a good way, relishes usually pack a punch of flavor, in this case, you would expect a hint of savory, but avocados... unless seasoned at the very least with salt, are actually very mild flavored, same with spinach. Tomatoes are standard, but I refuse them in my burgers and sandwiches. Now the Herb Aioli, oh how I love Aioli’s – they always compliment unhealthy foods so beautifully. BUT mayo with herbs blended in... still pretty mild flavored, not like a Lemon Dill Aioli, or a Chipotle Aioli, nay just some herbs in mayo...


All 5 elements were mild flavored; mild with mild, with mild, with some mild thrown in for good measure, and a little more mild in case you didn’t have enough.


Shit was bland! I had to use my friend’s BBQ sauce to jazz it up and actually attempt to finish it. Not to mention the bread completely fell apart.


Go there (bet you weren’t expecting that) and try something else, the customer service is actually really good and the place is always immaculate. Like I said before.. the BLT was damn good! So there’s hope for the other menu items.


/Spit out the Californian

/Swallow something else!


- Dee

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