Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fukada Me?! Nooo, Fukada You!

Fukada is worth the Swallow.


I’ve only ventured here a few times, but each time it’s been Dee-licious. Fukada is a cool little Japanese restaurant in Irvine.


This time I went with a craving for Soba noodles in my combination, but unfortunately they were all out. I think we chose a shitty night to go because like I said before, this place has always been great. This time, the food was still great (aside from them being all out of Soba), but the service lacked. Don’t get me wrong, these ladies are always friendly, but this time they were taking forever to take our order, bring our order, bring our bill, and take it back.


Still, I refuse to hold this against them. I will return to fulfill my Soba craving.


So what did I get?


Fukada Seafood Salad Combination Dinner 041411

Seafood Salad Combination with Spicy Tuna Don. *Nom Nom Nom Nom NOM*


Fukada Seafood Salad 1 041411

Lightly seared Salmon, Tuna, and Yellowtail on a bed of greens with a ginger dressing. Simple, but oh so good.


Fukada Spicy Tuna Don 041411

Spicy Tuna Don – Exactly what it looks like, spicy Tuna mixture on white rice with a smidgen of Wasabi garnished with some dry toasted seaweed. Side note – typically I would order this with brown rice, but some crazy person (Chef) told me that some other crazy person (Chef’s brother, Squid) had informed him that it’s not good to eat brown rice in the Winter... Yeeeaaaahhhhh... I don’t know about all of that, but hey.. any reason to not order the healthier option! Fat Kids Rejoice!


If you’re a fan of Spicy Tuna, or Japanese food all together, you must try this place. It’s so good. The Spicy Tuna Don is addicting, I’m convinced in the words of Dave Chapelle, “They sprinkle some crack on it.”


As most men would say.. Tis nicer to Swallow than to Spit. ha! gross.


/Swallow It


- Dee

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